Skin Regimen Essential Detox Kit

Superhero products for a dewy, glowing complexion. Ideal for skin affected by environmental exposure and air pollution.
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Anti-aging, Glowing Gift Set


  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Particularly recommended in case of wrinkles, signs of aging, stress and fatigue.
  • Removes toxins, build-up and pollution from the skin.
  • Illuminates, nourishes and counteracts the signs of aging.
  • 100% natural rebalancing and reinvigorating aroma.
  • Helps to relieve tension and the effects of stress.
  • Vegan-friendly, clean formulas.
  • Made with FSC paper and 100% recyclable and CO2 offset packaging.


  • Skin Regimen Cleansing Cream (75ml)
  • Skin Regimen Polypeptide Rich Cream (50ml)
  • Skin Regimen Night Detox (50ml)


Cleansing Cream: Cleansing, purifying effect against environmental impurities and urban dust. *in vitro test on keratinocytes, application of Cleansing Cream.

Polypeptide Rich Cream: 95% of women agree skin is nourished. *90% of women agree skin is firmer. * 80% of women claim skin is re-plumped and visibility of wrinkles and signs of aging reduced. *90% of women agree complexion is more even. **self-assessment, 20 women, 28 days, application of Polypeptide Rich Cream, twice a day. Scientifically tested protective effect against environmental oxidative stress (urban dust and UV rays) ** **in vitro test on keratinocytes, application of Polypeptide Rich Cream.

Night Detox: Scientifically tested to improve cell vitality and promote a repairing effect following exposure to urban dust and environmental pollution. ***in vitro test, on keratinocytes, application of Night Detox.

LONGEVITY COMPLEX™ counteracts the effects of stress and aging accelerators.

How To Use

Skin Regimen Cleansing Cream: Mix a small amount of product with water in your hands to create a soft foam. Massage into the skin with gentle circular movements. Avoid the area around the eyes.

Skin Regimen Tripeptide Cream: Apply every day to the face and neck and massage with relaxing movements from the center outwards.

Skin Regimen Night Detox: Massage the product onto the skin with movements from the center outwards. Leave on all night. Cleanse the face the following morning.


Skin Regimen Cleansing Cream: see full ingredients list.

Skin Regimen Tripeptide Cream: see full ingredients list.

Skin Regimen Night Detox: see full ingredients list.

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