Body Wellness Kit

Firming, aromatic body kit featuring best-seller deluxe mini sizes for on the go.
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Firming Aromatic Body Kit


  • Firming, aromatic body kit.
  • On-the-go sizes.
  • For 2 - 3 weeks of use.


  • Body Strategist Peel Scrub (30ml)
  • Body Strategist D-Age Cream (30ml)
  • Tranquillity™ Blend (5ml)
  • Tranquillity™ Shower Cream (50ml)

How To Use

Body Strategist Peel Scrub: Apply to dry skin and massage until absorbed. Remove any residue with a washcloth or shower.

Body Strategist D-Age Cream: Apply morning and evening on the areas to be treated and massage until completely absorbed.

Tranquillity™ Blend: Apply a few drops on the wrists, neck or behind the earlobes.

Tranquillity™ Shower Cream: Every day, apply to the palms of the hands, emulsify with water and distribute on the body with circular movements or distribute the product on a wet sponge. Rinse.


Body Strategist Peel Scrub: see full ingredients list.

Body Strategist D-Age Cream: see full ingredients list.

Tranquillity™ Blend: see full ingredients list.

Tranquillity™ Shower Cream: see full ingredients list.

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