Body Beautiful Duo

Body Strategist Peel Scrub and D-Age Cream for smooth, toned skin.
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exfoliating body scrub and anti-aging body cream duo


  • Body Strategist Peel Scrub is ideal all year round as a weekly treatment, it is particularly recommended before the summer, to prepare the skin for sun exposure, and after the holidays, to maintain the skin’s softness
  • Body Strategist D-Age Cream is a delicately scented body cream with firming, elasticizing and nourishing action


  • Body Strategist Peel Scrub (200ml)
  • Body Strategist D-Age Cream (180ml)

How To Use

Body Strategist Peel Scrub: Apply product all over the body, especially on areas that are particularly dry and resistant. Massage with circular movements until fully absorbed. Rinse.

Body Strategist D-Age Cream: Apply generously all over the body and massage until completely absorbed.


Body Strategist Peel Scrub: See full ingredients lit.

Body Strategist D-Age Cream: See full ingredients list.

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